‘Charmed’ Season 2 Preview & Spoilers

Thanks to TVLine, we now have a first glimpse at the second season of Charmed, which will premiere on Friday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c on The CW. Read more below.

“By minute seven of Episode 201, we’ll have set up a whole new world … with new allies and new enemies,” showrunners Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro reveal, describing Season 2 as “creepier, moodier, sexier … and more cinematic” than Season 1. Whereas most of the action has previously gone down in Hilltowne, future episodes will “expand on an understanding of the magical universe” and send the Charmed Ones on adventures “all across the globe.” We also learn that “someone or something has put a target on the Charmed Ones’ backs,” which is always fun. Meanwhile, Maggie and Parker’s relationship will take an “epically surprising” turn, Mel will find her confidence shaken by her new supernatural surroundings, and Harry will undergo an “interesting journey” related to his dark origin story. On a familial level, Season 2 will “challenge the sisters’ views of each other and of themselves.”

BONUS SPOILER! : Season 2 will “explore some repressed feelings [Harry] might have for a certain love interest on the show,” and “that relationship “will be explored in a very meaningful way. But what that looks like is a surprise.” (Gee, who could it possibly be?)

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