Melanie “Mel” Vera

She is the second daughter born to Marisol Vera and the daughter of an unknown man. She was born sometime after her older half-sister Macy. Mel is a strongwilled feminist, who is deeply emotional and relishes her close connection to her mother, Marisol and her younger sister, Maggie. In the wake of her mother’s death, Mel struggles to move forward, convinced her mother was murdered even though the police and her detective girlfriend, Niko, say otherwise. When her sister, Macy knocks at the door, Mel is distraught that her mother would keep such a big secret from her. However, upon discovering her witch identity, Mel is energized – ready to take on the world, find her mother’s killer, and – with the help of her sisters – defeat the Source of All Evil with her time-freezing power.


Maggie Vera

She was born to Marisol Vera and an unknown man a few years after her older half-sister, Mel. Maggie is a bubbly, kindhearted young woman, a freshman in college and a sorority pledge. She has an innate need to be well-liked and wants to fit in. Her mother’s death rocks her confidence and her relationship with her older sister, Mel. Maggie is mortified to learn she is a witch – so much for fitting in! However, with inspiration from Mel and guidance from her new sister, Macy, Maggie will learn to embrace who she is, especially her new mind reading power.


Macy Vaughn

She was born in November 27, 1990 to Marisol Vera and an unknown man. In her young years, her father told her that her mother died when she was two years old when, in reality, Marisol had left them for unknown reasons. In the ninth grade, Macy’s father sent her to a boarding school in Connecticut. Being one of only two non-white students there, Macy chose to identify as the smart, serious one of her minority. Her father died later on in life which affected her greatly and gave her a lonely upbringing. Now having a Ph.D. in molecular genetics, she moved to Hilltowne to work at the university prior to Marisol’s death. Reunited with her two half-sisters, Macy is determined to understand the secrets of her childhood, as well as being both a witch and a scientist with her new found telekinesis power.


Galvin Burdette

He is a molecular geneticist who works with Macy at the Hilltowne University lab. He is outgoing and generous and was the first person to befriend Macy when she moved to Hilltowne.



Niko Hamada

She is a smart, determined detective at the Hilltowne police department. Niko broke up with Mel after Marisol’s death, but came to realize she still cares about Mel and wanted to be with her. Now that the temporal spell has been casted by the Charmed Ones as if Niko never had met Mel, it is assumed that she still lives with her ex-fiancee Greta out of Hilltowne.


Harry Greenwood

He was born in the 1920s. He became an actor who was recruited into the British army and died in 1957 while serving his country. Upon his death, he became a whitelighter – a guardian angel who protects and guides witches to their intended destiny and would serve many witches from then on. Harry lost his memories of his previous life as his duties required his focus and lack of attachment. He is the Charmed Ones’ Whitelighter.




President of the Phi Delta Upsilon fraternity, Parker is the quintessential upper-class pretty boy with a wild streak and a sensitive side. His charm and confidence catch Maggie’s eye when he defends her from a rude customer at her waitressing job.

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