From episode 101 “Pilot”

1. To Unbind the Powers of The Charmed Ones:
*inaudible latin* then Hear this, I have three.

2. To Vanquish Taydeus:
Timor tuus fortitude tua feminae ultimum exitium.

From episode 102 “Let This Mother Out”

1. To Release a Spirit from Spirit Board
Ipsum revelare. Ipsum revelare. Ipsum revelare.

From episode 103 “Sweet Tooth”

1. Lure of Agememnon:
To locate and draw demonic activity out of the shadows.
2. Glamour:
A glamour is a spell to alter the appearance of people and objects.
3. To Create a Sonic Boom:
Solaris Incantatio.
4. To Bind the Harbinger of Hell:
Captus aqua. Captus terra. Captus ignis.

From episode 104 “Exorcise Your Demons”

1. To exorcise the Harbinger of Hell:
Hago un llamado a Babalú-Ayé, dios de los enfermos, para que inhabilite a este demonio. Remueva la fuerza que tiene sobre este inocente. Y Exorcize al Heraldo, permitiendo que paz y tranquilidad regrese al poseido. Sana y renuncia a este adversario del mal. De este apostol de la oscuridad, libranos. El Poder de Tres lo compela. Observa, el Poder de Tres. Observa, el Poder de Tres. Observa, el Poder de Tres..
2. To Contain Someone’s Power:

From episode 105 “Other Women”

1. To Vanquish a Succubus:
Sinister succubus, hear my spell. Tempt men no more. I banish thee back to Hell.
2. To Rewrite the Past (Invoking the Moirai):
We call upon the Moirai – Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Daughters of the Night. Rulers of Fate. We beseech you. Sife and flow the sands of time to rework your grand design. Diverge their path. Now two, not one. Undoing that which was once done. Take what was, make it no more. Like sands swept away then back to shore.

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